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Comfortable & Convenient Alternative To Braces

Dr. Osseiran offers orthodontic clear aligner treatment to help straighten your teeth without the use of traditional metal braces and this approach is best suited for an active and social lifestyle. The clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible, so no one has to know they are there. And unlike traditional braces, they are removable! This makes it possible to brush and floss your teeth without the interference of brackets that can contribute to tooth decay. You can remove these clear aligners out to eat and drink whatever you like with no food restrictions. 

Traditional braces use wires and metal that can poke and irritate your gums. Clear aligners are made of smooth plastic that is comfortable to wear. The convenience of clear aligners  appeals to people in all stages of life. Enjoy the significant benefits of improving your smile with minimal impact on how you look and feel.

Functional Orthodontics

When most people think of orthodontics, they think of straightening their teeth for a more even, beautiful smile. However, orthodontics often corrects issues with the jaw and bite that would become problematic, and for some, functional orthodontics takes that process one step further.

Dr. Osseiran will utilize functional orthodontics to help reposition your upper and lower jaw to support a better facial profile. This works to correct both your teeth and your facial structure for people that are concerned about both their teeth and their facial aesthetics.

Expanding your jaw can help create a more even facial profile and can even influence airway development to prevent breathing issues. Functional orthodontics can also play a role in preventing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, which can cause chronic pain in the jaw.

Functional orthodontics operates under the philosophy that dental abnormalities are caused by environmental factors and can be corrected without extractions.

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