Our Dental Promotions And Specials

Just For Your Smile Dentist in Potomac and Vienna

$129 New Patient Exam

We want you to experience the best in dental care. If you are a new patient and you do not have insurance, our New Patient Exam special will be your best option. You’ll receive:

  • Complete oral health exam
  • Oral cancer exam
  • Digital x-rays
  • A full cleaning (in the absence of gum disease)
  • Personal consultation

Mesotherapy with AquaGold Glow for your face!

Boost Your Skin and look younger!

For fine lines, hydration and skin texture.

  • 12 Vitamins
  • 24 Amino Acids
  • 6 co-enzymes
  • Nucleic acids
  • 6 Minerals

Phase 1: Package of 4 $1120 ($280 each) Regular Price $350 each

Phase 2: Package of 2 $600 ($300 each) Regular Price $350 each

Total: Package of 6 $1500 ($250 each) Regular Price $350 each Mesotherapy treatment is carried out over a duration of 3 months, which includes 6 treatment sessions in total.

Each Session takes up to 30 min. The more mature the skin, the more frequent treatment required.

Phase 1: 4 treatments every 7-15 days

Phase 2: 2 treatments a month apart

Phase 3: 1 treatment every 2-6 month