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All About Potomac, Maryland

Potomac, pronounced puh·tow·mak, is said to derive from “Patawomeck,” as recorded by colonist John Smith in 1608. The Potomac river derives its name from an American Indian village on its southern bank, the home of the Patawomeck people. 

No one for sure knows its origin and meaning. Still, it is thought to be a European spelling of an Algonquian name which supposedly means “river of swans.” Other accounts say the name means “place where people trade” or “the place to which tribute is brought.”

Edward Offutt first settled the land in 1714 after being granted a 600-acre. Throughout the 18th century, it was known as Offutt’s Crossroads, a small, rural community that served planters and travelers. By the Civil War, the community contained two general stores, a blacksmith shop, and a post office. Offutt’s Crossroads was later renamed Potomac in 1881 by John McDonald. 

Working and Living in Potomac

People who work and live in Potomac praise its fantastic outdoor excursions, great appreciation for the arts, and convenient access to all parts of Montgomery County and beyond.

Potomac, Maryland, is a suburban community only 14 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. Potomac does not have a mix of residential and commercial properties. Instead, the neighborhood is devoted to large houses with expansive lawns, making it quiet and relaxing for its residents. It is a great place to live for those looking to keep life at home, separate from the hustle and bustle of workdays in Washington, D.C. 

Since Potomac is within 15 miles of more significant business hubs, most residents commute to work. Commuters can easily reach Washington, Arlington, and even Alexandria, Virginia.

Just for Your Smile in Potomac

At Just for Your Smile, we offer a full range of dental services for your convenience. We have all the tools to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We provide preventive cleanings and exams to complete smile makeovers, dental implants, etc.

As soon as you enter one of our offices, you will know you are in great hands at Just For Your Smile. Our office is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our skilled staff stays updated on the latest dental techniques to deliver comfortable, reliable treatments. 

Cabin John Regional Park Near Just For Your Smile

Less than a 4-mile drive from Just For Your Smile is Cabin John Regional Park. Cabin John Regional Park offers something for every sport and outdoor lover. Recreational options include:

  • Summer ball games on various athletic fields.
  • Indoor and outdoor lit Tennis courts.
  • Tai Chi.
  • Summer ice skating at the fully enclosed Cabin John Ice Rink.

Visitors can connect with nature through various environmental nature programs offered throughout the year. Take a ride on the model train, or spend the afternoon relaxing with family and friends at one of our picnic and playground areas. Don’t miss out on the children’s Adventure Playground.

If an afternoon isn’t enough, you are welcome to spend the night enjoying the park’s natural beauty at one of the seven walk-in campgrounds. And with over five miles of hiking and biking trails, there is plenty of scenery to explore.